Trucking Services

Trucking your cattle to market for a reasonable price is a service Cullman Stockyard provides to our customers. Please call ahead to reserve a time to pick up your cattle.

Contact our office at (256) 734-4531 for more details.

Grouping Services

Cullman Stockyard will take the time to group cattle for their producers when the quality, quantity, and physical characteristics of the cattle allow them to do so. Grouping cattle allows the producer to receive a value-added price for their product. At this time, Cullman Stockyard groups cattle as a free service for their customers. Cattle should be looked at Monday night in order to sell with the first groups on Tuesday.

Load Video Services

Cullman Stockyard offers video services for selling load lots off the farm. We work with our local buyers, as well as buyers who only buy load lots to get the best prices.

For more information on this service, please contact our office at (256) 734-4531.


The producer has the ability to make the most out of their cattle investment by taking the time to utilize health and feed programs for their cattle. Cullman Stockyard will consult with you on what is the best program for your operation and when and how you should market your cattle. To discuss potential value-added programsĀ for your cattle, please contact us at (256) 734-4531.